Our Guiding Philosophy

We believe that when communities and their members are supported, they are not only able to overcome barriers, but thrive. ComeUnity One Stop is dedicated to helping in improving the quality of life of the communities and individuals we support. A strong community benefits the individual, the community as well as the greater society.

ComeUnity One Stop was established in 2010 as a concept of its Chief Executive Officer and founder, Jasmine J. Noble. We are passionate about the value of community and the limitless power communities’ posses when they come together. We hope to unite organizations and individuals within a community to collectively support one another. Collectively spending the last two decade as community programing coordinators, certified teachers, mental health professionals & parents, we know first-hand the value of supporting youth. ComeUnity One Stop not only helps individuals realize their potential, but also in achieving it! ComeUnity One Stop’s assistance is designed to support individuals and their families from adolescence into their young adult years overcome barriers and strengthen assets

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